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Wisp - Minimal Contact Nasal Mask

Performance has a new style

Wisp’s clever auto seal groove technology accommodates your patient’s every move, for a superior seal and a great night’s sleep.

For the medical professional:
• Wisp combines the performance and comfort of a nasal mask with the minimal design of a pillows mask – helping you to support patient acceptance.
• During the Philips ease of use studies, Wisp was preferred over the leading nasal and pillows masks for fit and seal, ease of assembly / disassembly and ease of patient set up – making life simpler.
• With all three cushion sizes in the one pack, Wisp aims to simplify – saving time.
• With its minimally invasive design and exceptional seal, Wisp is designed to deliver the comfort and performance a patient deserves.

For the patient:
• During the Philips preference study, patients said they had a better quality of sleep and experienced a greater level of comfort and seal compared to other leading nasal and pillows masks.
• Wisp comes in a clear unobtrusive silicone frame, or a soft and pliable fabric frame
• Available in three sizes that comfortably fits over 98% of patients – Wisp combines comfort, ease of use and style for a better night’s sleep.
• An open field of vision for greater independence – patients can read, watch TV and even wear glasses before they go to sleep.
• A minimal part count and click fit headgear clips make Wisp easy to use and maintain – letting patients spend more time doing the things they enjoy.

Main Features
• Elastic crown strap with integrated tube holder.
• Reversible fabric frame in soft suede or silky sateen.
• Click fit headgear clips with adjustable tabs.
• Patented ‘Tip of the nose’ cushion design, featuring auto seal groove technology.
• 360° rotating elbow.