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Advanced Ventilator Technology

Trilogy100, unique features for unique patients
Trilogy100, a versatile life support ventilator developed by Respironics, an innovator of bi-level technology, combines unique levels of flexibility with ease of use and advanced technology to revolutionize the management of respiratory related diseases.

Adapting to both patient and clinician environments, Trilogy 100 provides 2 circuit types, with a leak or a valve, delivering for both configurations volume control or pressure control ventilations, through either non-invasive or invasive interfaces to meet the needs of adult and paediatric patients(>5kg) alike.

This built in flexibility means Trilogy 100 can treat a wide range of respiratory conditions, including those that require frequent changes to the patient's prescription.

When configured with the passive exhalation port circuit Trilogy 100 provides the following Philips Respironics well known technology:
• Auto-TRAK algorithm that ensures optimized patient-ventilator synchronization and advanced leak compensation in invasive and non-invasive ventilation for pressure modes, as well as – for the first time ever- volume modes.
• AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support) hybrid ventilation in pressure modes for invasive and non-invasive modalities.

Whether it's being used for hospital titration or in the home, Trilogy 100 has an intuitive interface that combines ease of use with access to high levels of versatility and performance.

Trilogy 100 is a portable ventilator providing up to 6 to 8 hours battery capacity with a detachable battery for continuous autonomy, giving patients the freedom they deserve.

Patient perspective
Trilogy 100 adapts to each patient's environment to provide comfortable and seamless support throughout the day.
• Attractive, compact design weighing less than 5kg
• Internal and detachable batteries for continuous autonomy
• Large colour screen
• Easy access to alarm and information logs for ‘at-distance’ diagnostic

Clinician perspective
The time and resource constraints, as well as safety requirements, usually associated with hospital treatment are met by Trilogy 100:
• Intuitive user interface
• Superior monitoring to give immediate feedback on patient’s ventilation
• Internal battery back-up for intra-hospital transportation
• Comprehensive alarms – giving both audible and visual feedback