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Respireo Primo P

Simple and Ergonomic Pillow Mask

The Respireo Primo series is a range of masks for ventilation that has been specifically designed to fit and adapt to the individual needs of each patient.

Simple and ergonomic, Respireo Primo P is a pillow mask combining silence and ease of use in order to quickly win the compliance of patients.
Available in vented and non vented versions, it is the reference mask for all patients wanting to keep autonomy in their daily activities.
It is also recommended for patients inconvenienced by forehead support, contact on the nasal bridge or suffering from claustrophobia.

Main Features:
• Adaptable tubing; ball joint system for rotation at 360°. Adjustable fixation, over the head, on the lateral sides or downwards. Clear visual field.
• Stable headgear; designed to ensure comfort and stability. Two levels of adjustment.
• Ergonomic cushion; airtight and fitting the nostrils thanks to the large sides and the ‘bellows’ technology. Easy assembly of the cushion with a visual and tactile poka-yoke.
• Silent and diffuse leak.