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Respireo Primo F

Simple and Convenient Facial Mask

The Respireo Primo series is a range of masks for ventilation that has been specifically designed to fit each need of the patients and adapt to each morphology.

Simple and convenient, Respireo Primo F is a full face mask with adjustable dial and high ease of use. It comes in vented and non-vented and has been specifically designed to ensure a patients’ maximum comfort.
It is also recommended for use with patients who mouth breath, have high pressures or are struggling to cope with therapy. The intuitive fastening clip and simple assembly make fitting this mask an easy task.

Main Features:
• Dual wall cushion ensuring stability and air-tightness with a great comfort thanks to the thin external lip. Easy assembly with only two components.
• ‘V’ shaped clips; flared clip system for an intuitive fitting and a quick release system if need be.
• Well distributed and adjustable forehead support; adjusting dial to find the perfect fitting with the forehead inclination. Large silicone pad to distribute the pressure points.
• Diffused and silent exhalation valve