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Pulmodyne BiTrac Shield

Innovative technology for Non-Invasive Ventilation

Pulmodyne® BiTrac Shield™ is ideal for use in Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV), CPAP and pressure support Bilevel and Ventilator Applications.
The BiTrac Shield provides a perfect solution for patients who cannot tolerate full face or nasal masks and is ideal for patients requiring immediate ventilation.

The BiTrac Shield™ is an ideal solution for:
• Cross contamination concerns
• Cleaning and disinfection issues
• Claustrophobic patients
• Patients who have developed nasal skin breakdown
• Patients with a facial deformities
• Edentulous patients
• BiTrac Shield™ for CPAP, Bilevel and Ventilator Applications
• Silicone cushion for immediate low pressure seal
• Prevents nasal skin breakdown
• Unobstructed view for claustrophobic patients
• One size fits most adults, simplifies mask fitting
• MRI compatible
• Disposable - Single Patient Use
• Latex Free

• Anti-Asphyxia Elbow for patient safety during Bilevel Applications (BiTrac SE Shield has a standard Elbow for ventilator application)
• BiTrac Shield allows unobstructed view minimizing claustrophobia
• Convenient pre-attached head strap with quick and easy attachment clips
• Manometer port for connecting proximal pressure line or for monitoring CO2
• Two exhaust ports provide continuous leak (BiTrac SE shield does not have exhaust ports)