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Sleep equipment

There are different types of sleep equipment. Your healthcare professional will select the most effective equipment for your condition and lifestyle.

The CPAP machine

The CPAP machine sucks air from the room through a filter and blows
it out under pressure.
There are two types of CPAP devices:

  • A fixed pressure machine – This blows at a set pressure.
  • An automatic machine – This adjusts the pressure.
Your consultant will determine which one will be the most suitable for you.


The mask

Nasal masks cover just the nose and these will suit most people. Full face masks cover the nose and the mouth and are suitable if you tend to breathe through your mouth. Masks are made of a soft, flexible material mounted on a frame with straps that go around the head (headgear). They are designed to fit snugly on the face. A good seal and comfortable fit are essential to prevent leaks. However, a small leak, as long as it is not blowing into the eyes, is acceptable.

To ensure optimum comfort and suitability, your mask will be selected and fitted by a trained member of Air Liquide Healthcare staff. You will be shown how to put on and take off your mask to ensure an ongoing good fit.


A flexible tube

This tube allows the flow of air between the machine and the mask.


Some people can experience a dry nose or painful nose, runny nose, bleeding nose, nasal congestion and throat/mouth dryness whenusing CPAP. If this is the case a humidifier can be added to your CPAP machine, once prescribed by your consultant. A humidifier is a water chamber which will add some heat and moisture to the air that you breathe, making the therapy more comfortable/tolerable.