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Nebuliser equipment

There are different types of nebuliser equipment. Your healthcare professional will select the most effective equipment for your condition and lifestyle.

The type of nebuliser you receive will depend on what your healthcare professional has ordered for you. 

A typical nebuliser configuration includes :

Compressor unit

The compressor enables a nebuliser to convert the medicine to a gas, by forcing air through the drug solution into the nebuliser chamber.
Here, it is converted into fine mist, which you breathe in through a mask or a mouthpiece.

Nebuliser chamber

The nebuliser chamber is where you put your liquid medication. It is here that it will be converted into a fine mist for inhalation into your lungs. There are different types of chambers depending on the type of medication prescribed. High performance chambers may be required for specialist medicines and some types of antibiotics. Your healthcare professional will order these if required.


Tubing is used to get air from the compressor to the bottom of the nebuliser chamber.

Mouthpiece/face mask

A mouthpiece or a face mask can be used to deliver your nebuliser therapy. Your healthcare professional will recommend which is more suitable for you.

A mouthpiece is most commonly used, as it prevents the medicine from getting into the eyes or causing irritation. This is connected to the nebuliser chamber and placed between your teeth and sealed by the lips while inhaling the medicine.  
A face mask is placed over your mouth and nose and kept in place by a head strap. This is usually recommended for patients with severe breathing problems or children. 

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