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FitLife Mask

The Total Face Experience

FitLife is a total face mask that doesn’t contact the areas on and around the nose. FitLife seals around the perimeter of the face, making it a good solution for nasal area sensitive patients, hard-to-fit patients and claustrophobic patients.

For the medical professional:
• With three sizes designed to help fit even the most challenging patient faces, FitLife helps you to find the right fit for your patient.
• Its over-moulded cushion integrated to the mask face plate and its three sizes makes stock management easy.
• FitLife helps to establish an effective seal around the patient’s face, even under high pressure, making it suitable for a broad range of therapy.

For the patient:
• FitLife was designed to reduce facial marks, potential skin sores and stress on the nose bridge, helping to improve therapy adherence.
• The full vision screen and lightweight body allows maximum visibility and increased comfort.
• The inlaid headgear tabs and snap clips make adjustments easier, for an easy set-up and a quick removal.

Main Features:
• FitLife premium low-stretch headgear for improved stability and consistent fit.
• Large surface area equalizes pressure and flow inside the mask, minimizing eye irritation.
• Large inlaid headgear tabs for quick, easy adjustment and removal of headgear.
• Entrainment valve allows access to room air if pressure drops below 3 cm H2O.
• Snap clips to simplify set-up and eliminate the need to refit after removal.

Increased performance and comfort:
• Effortless and effective seal, even under high pressures.
• Wide, full-vision screen for maximum visibility.
• Optimum pressure distribution, minimizing pressure sores and skin breakdown.

• Limited mask parts, due to over-moulded cushion integrated into the faceplate.
• Three sizes including small for paediatric use (>7 years, 20Kgs).
• Easy to fit premium headgear with integrated inlaid tabs and snap clips.