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Respect for privacy and use of personal data The privacy and the security of your information is very important to us. Air Liquide’s policy is to respect and protect the privacy of our service users and customers. Your Healthcare Professional has shared your personal information with Air Liquide in order to provide a healthcare service to you. Air Liquide will not voluntarily disclose individually identifiable information about you to anyone, unless there is a lawful or contractual requirement for us to do so. We will never forward your personal data on to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Why we hold and process your data Air Liquide requires your personal data in order to provide medical equipment in accordance with the instruction of your Healthcare Professional. We only request, store and process the minimum amount of personal information necessary for carrying out the service. This may include, for example, name, address, including postal code, date of birth, next of kin, contact telephone number[s] etc. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. This data is initially disclosed to Air Liquide Healthcare by your Healthcare Professional and we are legally required to hold this data as part of traceability regulatory requirements for prescription medicines and medical devices. Procedure for collecting your personal data Service User personal data may be collected in a variety of different ways including: ● Directly from you (whether in writing or verbally) ● Healthcare Professionals and/or Healthcare authorities responsible for, or involved in, the supply of your medical therapy ● Any representative or next of kin involved in your care Your personal data is held securely with appropriate access controls; in accordance with Data Protection requirements. It is important that your personal data is kept up to date Air Liquide will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal data is complete, accurate and kept up to date. However, it is also your responsibility to update the company with immediate effect should any of your personal information/data change. The consequence of not providing up to date information could result in error and inaccuracies which could be detrimental to both you as the service user, and Air Liquide. Sharing of your personal data As mentioned above, we will not voluntarily disclose your personal data to any third party unless there is a lawful or contractual requirement for us to do so. Due to the nature of our service, we will share your personal information and any associated device usage data in order to deliver our company contractual obligations, where applicable, with organisations what are fully compliant with Air Liquide’s Data Policies, and on request from your Healthcare Professional and/or Healthcare Authorities for updated information. Your Data Subject Access rights Right of Access Under the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) you, as a service user, have the right to know how your data is being processed and also the right to access your personal data. Under normal circumstances Air Liquide has 30 calendar days to provide this necessary information, free of charge. However, if your request is deemed excessive this may be extended for up to an additional 60 calendar days. Should you require more than one copy of the information, a small administrative fee may be invoked, at the discretion of the Information Protection Co-ordinator. Other rights under GDPR You may also have other rights (where applicable), for example, the right to have any incorrect or incomplete data corrected, the right to object to processing, the right to restrict processing activities and the right to erasure of your personal data. However, it should be noted that your right is not absolute and will only apply in certain circumstances. If you wish to lodge a complaint regarding how your data is stored or processed please contact the company’s Information Protection Co-ordinator. For further information on all your data subject rights, or if you are not satisfied in how a complaint has been dealt with, please refer to the Data Protection Commissioner's website Republic of Ireland: Northern Ireland: