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CoughAssist E70

Clearing airway secretions by simulating a real cough

Redefining non-invasive secretion clearance to improve patient lives

An effective cough is critical to keep airways clear
For those unable to cough or effectively clear secretions, deep suctioning is often used to clear the airway. Unfortunately, invasive suction methods can be uncomfortable for the patient and have been linked to complications such as hypoxia, tissue damage and infection.
The CoughAssist E70 provides an effective yet remarkably gentle non-invasive alternative for use in the hospital and at home. CoughAssist therapy clears airways for longer periods of time than tracheal suctioning, and with fewer complications.

The CoughAssist E70 delivering innovations to meet your patient's needs:
Lightweight, portable and robust
• Detachable battery delivering 1 day of therapy
• Handle for easy transportation

Large colour screen and intuitive interface
• Customizable according to environment (detailed/limited view)
• Displays instat feedback(Peak Cough Flow, Tidal Volume and SpO2)

Flexibility in delivery of therapy
• Control lever for manual application of therapy
• Foot pedal so that the caregiver can do manual chest thrust while holding the interface
• Automatic mode, with Cough-Trak trigger option

Enhanced therapy efficacy and comfort
• Cough-Trak feature for initiation of therapy by the patient triggering inspiration
• Oscillation to help enhance mobilization
• 3 presets of settings available

Data Management
• SD card records more than one year of therapy data that can be queried via DirectView software.