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Alice PDx

Diagnostic System

Good study results
Better night’s sleep

Portable testing made easy
The Alice PDx is a portable, diagnostic recording device for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) screening, follow-up and diagnostic assessment of cardio-respiratory sleep disorders. This flexible and portable sleep system incorporates the advanced features required to meet today's industry needs. The Alice PDx enables you to test your patients outside of the lab without compromising study results, helping you to avoid the costs associated with re-testing.

System overview
Sensor cables transmit the appropriate signals to the Alice PDx. The signals are stored on the removable memory card, or if configured to do so, the signals can be displayed from the Alice PDx on a computer running the Alice Sleepware software application.

The base configuration channel set supports testing requirements for levels three and four and includes:
• Nasal pressure cannula
• Oral thermistor
• zRIP abdominal and chest belts
• SpO2
• Body position

In addition to the basic channel set indicators, there are also indicators for the optional ECG and ExG yokes and the optional therapy interface.